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Web Analytics Blueprint
  • Do you wish someone would tell you which statistics in your analytics actually matter… and which don?t?

  • Are your visitors a mystery to you?

  • Are you struggling to understand how to effectively use Google Analytics to help your business increase sales?

  • Are you confused by Google?s Analytics tutorials?

  • Do all the options in your analytics account make your eyes glaze over?

If you need

? you are in the right place ?

Web Analytics tools like Google Analytics help you better understand where your visitors come from, what they do while they are on your website and whether they stick around on your site and take action.

Google Analytics helps you see how engaged your visitors are on your website, how many of them left your website without doing anything or without having any result from them and much more.

However, it takes time to learn how to use tools like Google Analytics effectively. Especially when no-one seems to offer simple and practical advice.

That is why I decided to create this course that provides you easy to follow video tutorials that will save you time and money without cutting corners.

In 10 minutes, you?ll get more value from this course than you would get in hours of reading tutorials online. You can watch the videos at your own pace, rewind, pause and follow the instructions along.

Plus in just a couple of weeks you will have totally transformed how you think about your website traffic.

The knowledge you?ll have will enable you to make more strategic decisions about everything you do on your website which will increase your site?s revenue dramatically.

Only one payment of $97 (normally $297)

I’ve been running Google Analytics on my sites for years, but I never really do much with it. Once in a while, I’ll log in to see a few very basic stats, but I’ve always felt overwhelmed at the prospect of creating custom reports and so on.

Within minutes of logging into Web Analytics Bluepring and watching one video (in Module 2, Meet Your visitors), I had created my first ever Google Analytics segment. I can now see at a glance which sites I should be concentrating my guest posting efforts on — the ones which send repeat, not one-time, traffic. I’d never even realised before that this was possible!

There’s a wealth of material in this course, and Eugen goes through everything in a very clear, straightforward way. I don’t have much time to spend fiddling with Analytics, but with Eugen’s clear, focused videos, I can see it’ll be easy to quickly implement some tricks and tips to learn a huge amount of useful data about my websites.

? what you will learn ?

The Web Analytics Blueprint is a quick and easy to understand course that will help you not only master the basics of Web Analytics, but it will help you become a true Web Analytics ninja and get so many insights from your data.

By taking this course you will learn:

  • Which metrics matter… and which ones don?t

  • How to properly track conversion rates

  • How to measure visitors’ loyalty and engagement

  • What results you can measure (even if you?re not yet selling anything)

  • Advanced techniques for using Web Analytics tools

  • How to improve Conversion Rates and make more sales

  • What A/B testing is, why it rocks, and how to start doing it

You will learn how to find out why people are leaving your website without buying, what your customers are really looking for on your website and how to make your website convert effectively using the secret functions hidden in Google Analytics and other Web Analytics tools.

Only one payment of $97 (normally $297)

Web Analytics Blueprint is the #1 source for Bloggers that helped me understand every single click on my site. After watching the excellent videos from Eugen I was able to track and raise my conversions by 20% almost overnight.

Following Eugen?s Google Analytics course has really helped me understand my analytics. Before doing his course I only ever looked at page views and didn?t really understand how amazingly powerful analytics can be.

It?s been on my list of topics to get to grips with but I?ve never really wanted to spend the time necessary to study it.

Eugen?s tutorials have helped me set up my account in a way that enables me to really see what my customers are wanting and what?s not working.

He?s saved me hours of researching and trying to decide what I need to do. I always thought analytics was boring ? I?m now fascinated by it thanks to Eugen?s course.

? what you will get ?

First, you?ll have full membership for life. That means you will get future updates to the course at no extra charge.

Once you register, you will have access to high resolution video tutorials with real-life data from Google Analytics accounts.

Each lessons contains one video tutorial, additional notes and a downloadable audio version.

When you join, you will get access to over 100 minutes of video, where I show you exactly what to do to get a higher conversion rate and more sales.

I explain things step by step, and I show you the exact techniques that I?ve used time and time again for myself and my clients.

The members’ area will continue to be updated with new video tutorials about best practices, interviews, Q&A calls and webinars.

Plus, over the next few weeks you will get a whole set of extra videos that are automatically added to your membership.

I will show you how to work with the brand new features of Google Analytics and other tools, as soon as they are available.

Only one payment of $97 (normally $297)

3 mega modules

plus free bonus module!

? module 1 master the basics ?

In the first module you will learn how to get started with Web Analytics.

Even if you are familiar with the content you should definitely go through it again as you need to have a solid foundation in order to have success with Web Analytics.

  • Business Objectives and Goals ? get clear about what you?re working towards, so you can use Google Analytics as effectively as possible
  • Create your Google Analytics Account ? take your first steps by getting your Analytics account set up, easily and without any technical headaches
  • Install the Tracking Code ? get the special Google Analytics code into your WordPress site, so that you can track visitors? behavior straight away
  • Track Conversion Rates ? find out whether visitors are taking action, so you know which pages you might need to improve
  • Filter Admin Traffic ? so that you don?t skew your data while you?re adding articles, checking pages, or carrying out other tasks on your own site

? module 2 meet your visitors ?

The second module will help you learn more about your visitors and it will walk you through the process of getting more insights from them , so you can see exactly what they really what from your website.

  • Analyze Visitors’ Behavior ? find out how many visitors are coming for the first time, how many repeat visitors are coming back every day or every week, how long they stay on your site … and much more
  • Track Marketing Campaigns ? Google Analytics will show you exactly who?s sending you traffic during your promotions and launches (and whether that traffic converts into new subscribers or customers)
  • Link Google Webmaster Tools to GA ? get more out of Google Analytics by connecting it to your Google Webmaster account (I?ll show you how)
  • Build Insightful Dashboards ? see relevant statistics for your site at a glance, without having to spend hours going through complicated reports
  • Enable Site Search ? find out what your visitors are searching for on your site, and get new content or product ideas
  • Create Custom Reports ? create special reports to suit your exact needs, so you can see just the data that?s useful to you

? module 3 become a web analytics ninja ?

Module 3 will dive into advanced tips and tricks on Web Analytics, which will help you take your data at the next level. Once you will master this module, you will become a truly Web Analytics Ninja.

  • Segment Social Media Traffic ? setup filters to apply to your data and see exactly what you want to examine, (e.g. just traffic from Twitter), to analyze conversion rates in greater depth
  • Measure Calls to Action with Event Tracking ? if you have multiple sign-up forms on your website, event tracking lets you see exactly which one is converting best
  • Track Social Media Interaction ? add custom codes to your Tweet, +1, or Like button, and find out how socially engaged your visitors are
  • Setup Analytics Intelligence ? set up custom alerts to warn you when visitor numbers suddenly drop or spike upwards, or if a particular conversion rate changes (this could be the first and only sign you get of a major problem with your site)
  • Track your Site Speed ? see if any pages are loading slowly, and find out the load speed of your website for different visitors around the world
  • SEO with Google Analytics ? get additional data about click-through rates for specific keywords in search engines, see who links to you and find out what landing pages get the most impressions and traffic in search engines … and much more

? exclusive free bonus module ?

The Bonus module will contain content that is not directly related with Web Analytics. This includes interviews, Q&As and other resources to help you take your business further.

For starters, you will get access to:

  • Google Analytics Roadmap (35 minutes) ? a full overview of everything covered in this course, so you can get the whole picture before choosing which modules and videos to dig into
  • Glossary of Terms (pdf) ? so you?ve got an easy reference to what exactly we mean when we say visitor, bounce rate, conversion rate and so on
  • SEO for Articles ? an exclusive video showing you exactly how to use ScribeSEO (WordPress plugin) to get a SEO 100% score for your articles; by getting to grips with the SEO criteria, you?ll soon be hitting 100% straight away
  • Check Articles Rankings ? learn how you can automatically track keywords using Advanced Web Ranking, rather than having to spend ages manually checking your rankings for different keywords on your articles

Only one payment of $97 (normally $297)

Web Analytics Blueprint is a great primer for beginners, and a great refresher for experienced users. As a Digital Strategist, I have used Google Analytics for a number of years and Eugen introduced me to some new features that GA rolled out that I didn’t know about. Thanks Eugen!

? meet eugen, your new secret weapon ?

Eugen Oprea is an Online Entrepreneur who helps small businesses and other entrepreneurs build a remarkable presence online.

He has been involved in the development and promotion of a Web Analytics tool, so he knows Analytics inside out, including details about how Web Analytics tools translate raw data into beautiful reports.

Eugen works with clients to promote their businesses online and he is always trying to gear marketing efforts to getting outstanding results.

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